Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The innocence of childhood

As we worked furiously on our computers, I noticed a 10-11 year old kid hop into the office merrily and energetically. One quick glance and I was back to the computer. A few hours later though, I saw the same kid completely worn out, sitting stooped and confining himself to a corner. I couldn’t bear the sight and had to go and talk with him.

The father explained that the kid had just received a blood transfusion- he suffered from sickle cell anemia. The father almost felt guilty that his wife and he had passed this trait to both their kids. It is not easy to see your child being poked with a needle, having to receive transfusions, lacking any energy or excitement to eat the ‘Dairy Milk’ you just bought him. Kills you every moment…rich or poor, educated or not.

I was pained- I wanted to see childhood as happy, exuberant, jumpin’ and skippin’! This encounter gave me a reality check on why I am here- if I can just rid you of this gloom. After many endeavors, he did smile finally as I promised he could ride my cycle taking me as the ‘double-seat.’

I do believe that it is a collective responsibility of the human race to care for the children already brought into this world- make whatever time they spend here cheer-filled (and tummy-filled), fearless and peaceful. It is reassuring to see how children don’t care a damn of this world that we adults complicate. No language, gender, caste or color bias mar their perceptions. Everyone is equal.


  1. Anita! Good to stumble upon your blog. Lovely writing. I agree with what you have to say in the last paragraph.

    -Swathi (Houston)